Meet Princella

When a woman has a child, sometimes there is a shift in her awareness of womanhood. Sometimes there is a shift in the meaning of life.

Moreover, having a child as a teen when she hasn’t yet identified with her sense of womanhood is traumatic; not only for the young woman but for the child.  

This is my story.

I attribute my faith in God as the reason for finding meaning in young and, later down the road, single motherhood.

Throughout my life experiences grew a passion to guide women with a similar story as mine to identify their gifts and talents to take steps toward a full life!

For me, as pieces of my journey began coming together and I felt as though things were starting to make sense. After completing my master’s degree in human resources I found myself to have a natural ability in teaching and coaching others. So I sought to develop my coaching skills.

As I continued to develop these skillsets over the years and throughout 20+ years in retail management, 3 years in a nonprofit based in Benton Harbor, Michigan; I have coached hundreds of people.

Working at the nonprofit is where I began connecting the dots and finding my true passion. And although I loved the work I became a part of…


Dreams of focusing

where my heart was tugged,

where I identify most-

young motherhood &

single motherhood.


This is also where many women have told me their greatest challenges of their lives came, during their journey of single motherhood. Many women have shared how they lost themselves in the journey of single motherhood.

Before “single life” with children, they had a partner to do life with but, all of a sudden coupled life became single life. Sole provider. Sole decision maker. Sole disciplinarian. Solo parenting. 


I now think differently about “losing oneself”,

I believe we never get lost; we just need to recognize

where the path lead us. Once I connected the dots

with the meaning for it all, my LIFE began to make sense!


Today I focus on empowering women who struggle with balancing life and career growth, battling with how to get ahead in a job, or in creating a side hustle they LOVE.

One of the ways I do this is through a course on Soft Skills. Many people refer to soft skills as people skills. However, soft skills goes deeper than that. Soft skills are a way of being, like becoming more assertive, more vocal in the workplace, developing self-confidence or an ability to effectively communicate.

I believe that through a foundation of faith and focusing on soft skills anyone can find their strengths, gifts, talents to step up to newer heights to find their greatness and all that God intended for their life to be!

Single motherhood may not be your story but can you relate…

Ever feel judged, like somehow you can’t seem to do anything right? Or feel completely misunderstood? And possibly at work you are overlooked for a promotion because of the misjudgments?

Are there ever times you feel isolated from everyone else? Or can’t find anything in common with the people around you? Friends feel hard to come by. Who can you trust, you ask.

What would it look like to be connected? How would it feel to be engaged with one another in order to find your greater truth?! We will undoubtedly go through difficult times. But no one said we must walk it alone. Join our Facebook Group if that is your cup-o-joe! And of course it is free to join. 

Let’s work together to connect the dots to your greater truth! And here is the greater truth, YOUR greater truth…


You. Were. Created… for a grander purpose

than your current understanding can recognize…


Funny thing is that you KNOW THIS. You have seen your gifts and talents grow and show up when you needed them most. And sometimes falter when you needed them most.

YOUR deepest desire is to connect these pieces to be the woman you were meant to be, the mom you were meant to be. It is time to re-evaluate and amp it up! Click the link below for a free discovery call today. I definitely suggest signing up for the video series first. And if the videos speak to you ~ I’ll be here to chat, coach, cheer, encourage, support, push, challenge & more!